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Best in class, low cost, no compromises on compatibility, and light weight

If you have a Lenovo laptop with an Ideapad series that stopped working while connected to your charger, you will need an Ideapad Laptop Charger to be active.

Here is a solution: we offer a wide range of laptop chargers and adapters for all brands at an affordable price at our online store,

The most efficient Lenovo brand laptop series are the IdeaPad and ThinkPad. Our adaptor supports very well as we use the best quality materials, which are backed by a one-year warranty and easy return.

When it comes to the specifications, whether you need 45w or 65w, or above, and the connector which has to fit with your laptop, you should always match it with the laptop model number that you can find on your laptop’s bottom part.

If your sticker got whipped out or you can’t find it, please use our Live Chat Experts. Help is available 24-7, or you can call now at +447378414084.

The features you get from the Us

  • Easy Exchange
  • Covered with Warranty
  • Free Delivery within the UK
  • Free Power Cable with unit
  • Both Replacement and Genuine are available at a low price
  • Dispatch within same Day
  • Brand New in Condition


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