Symptoms of faulty Laptop Chargers

Symptoms of Faulty Laptop Chargers

If you are talking about Laptops, then Chargers Ac Adapter is that a part which you always need while working. By the help of your Laptop Charger, you can charge your battery and assures you to stay connected wherever you go. However, the problems start when it’s showing early Symptoms of faulty Laptop Chargers.

Here are the signs of faulty Ac Adapters

1, Check the Power Cable    

check the power cable

Check the power cable










Make sure you have checked your Power cable properly, as most of the time the fault starts from the same. As Experts, we recommend our customers to check this step as these things happen due to several reasons like Chewed by Cat or Dog, Overheating, Tears & dents. If you notice any smells like burnt plastic, then you must try a spare power cable or buy a new one. 

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2, Power Connector Gets Loose or Broken

Power Connector Gets Loose or Broken

Power Connector Gets Loose or Broken








When your laptop shows a disconnect only after you change the position of your Laptop adapter. As a Result, The Connector which goes into the Laptop gets loose or broken. If you see this, then STOP using the same, as it may Harm both your laptop & Battery. 

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3, LED Indicator not Displaying

LED Indicator not Display

LED Indicator not Display










Every Adapter has a Tiny Led Indicator, which provides an indication of green or red lights. If the computer Won’t Turn, then the issue is in your adaptor. 

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