Fusion 5 Lapbook Laptop Charger

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  • Guaranteed to fit with Fusion 5 Lapbook Laptop Charger
  • Fitted with UK 3 Pin Plug


You might be worried to buy an adapter Online for your Fusion Laptop. Really!

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Let’s me brief you about Fusion 5 Lapbook Laptop Charger:

This Fusion 5 Lapbook Laptop Charger runs at 5V and gives you insurance to charge your battery. This adapter is a Ideal Match and fits great with lapbook series notebooks. This Adapter comes with a one year warranty and a CE certificate to use without any worry.

In case you need to verify that you are found the correct one, click to view the image of your laptop.


  • High Quality and Durable charger fits to any PC, if required the connector shown in picture 2.5mm pin
  • Smart device surge protection for over voltage, temperature and short circuit protection
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and fully charge your tablet faster
  • Wide input range, high voltage accuracy
  • Recommended for single core or dual core tablets.

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